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Reduce your Data usage

When using a hotspot router such as the AT&T Velocity 2 (ZTE MF985) your devices are connected in Wifi.

Smartphones are set by default to use more Data when connected to Wifi than if they were directly connected on the mobile network in 4G or 5G.

One of the reasons is because Wifi is usually associated with “Unlimited”. On mobile network your smartphone doesn’t know your Data Plan and will therefore try to use less Data.

In Wifi, apps. will automatically performs background tasks such as synchronisation & backup to the cloud. This may use several amount of Data.

If the Data plan for your hotspot device does not have unlimited data, it is advisable to carry out the following actions during your stay:

– Disable automatic applications updates.
– Disable automatic backup of your smartphone (Cloud).
– Disable automatic backup of your photos & videos library.

You can still perform these manipulations manually if necessary and remember to reactivate these settings when you return.

Updated on November 6, 2021

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